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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Not A Dating Site

Hiya Jammers!
Just A reminder that Animal Jam isn't A dating site. 
I've seen many jammers asking ,"If you like me go to my den!".
Really, all you are looking at is A bunch of pixels.
Also, it is making it unsafe for some players. Animal Jam is for kids ages 5-13.
And people are also saying,"Club in my den! With drinks and poles!".
Which is very unsafe.
Just remember the Animal Jam Rules, and be safe.
Happy exploring!



  2. I know disgusting! Me and my friend are trying to get rid of clubs!

  3. I know right I see those too I ignore those invites I never fall into one I knew it was not well good :@

  4. Oh yeah! Totally inappropriate! I join Team Animal Jam to stop these and keep Jamaa safer and nicer...

  5. Sometimes when my sister sees someone saying something inappropriate, she'll yell out "RATED-G SITE!!!!"

  6. Omg thanks this has really been annoying me. And most of the time all the people want to do is..... something.... *G-rated site ;)*

  7. I'm a girl, that really doesn't like using the girl eyes, so I use the boys eyes, and this girl asked me "Do you like me?" and I responded "I'm a girl! Gross!!!!!"
    I've seen other people doing this, and I don't think this should be done.

  8. I know right! I've crashed like ten clubs!

    Ok here's a story that happend one time..: So me and My friend Anne110 were in Jamaa and we saw someone say:"Club at my den! Girls needed!" So we went... I acted like an ordinary person and she acted like she was one of them. Then suddenly we started jumping on ppl saying "HOP HOP HOP HOP HOP!" We were so bad they had to move location! Then we followed them again! And we put that club to an end!



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